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Why Australians Love Cotton Clothing

There are loads of different fabrics available today, from natural fibres to synthetics, to blends involving degrees of the two. As much as we may appreciate some types of fabrics, cotton continues to reign supreme as the favourite fabric for us here in Australia.

There are a lot of obvious reasons why we love cotton clothing (and why we at Grovers Country Clothing use cotton for our riding shirts!), like:

A breathable fabric with moisture control

Working and Riding can certainly work up a sweat! This is one reason why it’s important to us that our shirts are made from cotton.

Cotton is a natural fabric that is breathable and which effectively removes moisture from the body (unlike oil-based synthetic fabrics which tend to hold heat and dampness in). It’s incredibly absorbent, so dampness is moved from the skin and into the fabric, which keeps you dry.

A soft and cosy choice

No one wants to be stuck in a starchy and stiff shirt all day. Cotton is naturally soft, making it incredibly comfortable to wear.

A durable and long-lasting material

When properly treated, cotton clothing has a long lifespan. It’s less likely to tear or rip than other fabrics, and it can be surprisingly tough thanks to its high tensile strength.

A natural insulator

Cotton is an appropriate all-weather wear fabric here in Australia. It protects us from the cold in the winter and keeps the heat off of us in the summer. This is because the cotton fibres hold the fabric up and off the skin, creating a thin insulating layer of air which forms between our skin and the material.

A fabric with great weather-proof potential

Cotton fabrics have long been transformed into highly weather resistant garments. Unlike other fabrics, however, weather-resistant cotton maintains its soft comfort and its breathability, making it the preferred choice for most riders.

A “low-waste” plant

Unlike many other plants, almost all parts of the Australian cotton plant are used in one way or another. This includes the cottonseed, lint, linters, stalks, and even the seed hulls – in our current drought situation, cotton seed is much in demand for stock feed.

A fabric almost anyone can appreciate

Cotton fibres are hypoallergenic, meaning most individuals – even those with severe skin allergies – can wear clothing made of cotton. It’s so hypoallergenic that it’s used in many medical products like gauze and bandages! It’s a natural fabric that contains no chemicals.

At Grovers Country Clothing we love cotton!

Cotton is an amazing fabric that has been used for products in various industries. From reusable nappies and dinner napkins to space suits and beyond, there’s no question that Australians love cotton.

Here at Grovers Country Clothing we design and manufacture high quality and reasonably priced long-sleeved shirts that are perfect for both the pasture and the arena. Made of lightweight cotton, we offer an array of patterns, colours, and sizes that are perfect for young and old, male and female.

We invite you to explore our growing range [link] of cotton shirts, as well as all our other gear that is constantly changing.