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Grovers Country Clothing are proudly supporting The NSW Yard Dog Association in conjunction with Auctions Plus and The Working Stock Dog Magazine who are hosting a charity auction, with all proceeds going to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners.

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Supporting The Australian Stock Horse Society National Youth Show & #Dollysdream

Each year the Australian Stock Horse Society (ASHS) hosts its annual National Youth Show where children (and horses) of all ages and experience levels can show off their skills and build their confidence in what can sometimes be a challenging environment. Since the society was established in 1971, its members have worked diligently to preserve and promote the bloodlines of the globally recognised and celebrated Australian Stock Horse, a powerful animal that we know is famous for both its versatility and high performance - The Breed for Every Need. The Society is now Australia’s largest equine pleasure and recreational association, with nearly 10,000 members (including many of our Grovers Girls!) and over 180,000 registered horses. This year the event took place...

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Rural Aid Gets A Boost From Colonial Clydesdale Team (wearing our shirts!)

We’d like to give a big shout out to Emma Iddison from Colonial Clydesdales & Carriages for sharing this wonderful story  about people in our equine community helping out other communities in need. And we were blown away to see that that the lovely ladies are donning our Dianne Ruffle Front Shirts ! Last month, Colonial Clydesdales and Dowerin Events Management partnered up at the Dowerin GWN Field Days event to achieve a common goal: to help drought-stricken Australian farmers keep their animals fed and their farms working. Though the weather was not nearly as cooperative as the two parties would have liked, there was a great turnout, and both organisations managed to raise $600 for Rural Aid and the Buy...

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