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The Fashionistas Looking To Country For Inspiration? Yes Indeed!

Country/Western fashion has reached an all-time high, with cowboy and cowgirl-inspired styles having been seen strutting down the catwalks of legendary designers like Calvin Klein, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. Super on trend and incredibly fashionable, today’s top models are currently walking down the runways in steel-toed cowboy boots, fancy collar shirts, big buckle belts and dreaming of the country.
As it turns out, Grovers Country Clothing has unexpectedly fallen right into a fashionista hot spot – and we can’t deny that we’re loving it!
For those of you who aren’t familiar with our gear – and even those of you who are – here’s how you can dress up or dress down your Grovers shirts to get in on what we personally think is an awesome fashion trend. So why not dress up your Grovers shirts and take them out of the paddock and into town!

The Belt
Apart from the shirt you wear, the size and styling of the belt you have tells people a lot about you and can have a mega impact on the tone of your overall outfit.

  • Your belt is like a piece of jewellery. Choose a belt that reflects your style and taste.
  • Choose a belt that complements your style. Your belt should support the overall tone of your outfit.

The Pants
Your favourite jeans, any denim really,  goes nicely with all of our shirts. There are also lots of our ladies teaming them with english riding pants which come in either a “breech” style or “jodhpurs”. Breech work well with tall boots, half chaps or paddock boots. Jodhpurs, coming to the ankle, work well with shorter boots.

The Shirt
Great shirts are all about the details, which is why we at Grovers Country Clothing have spent a lot of time perfecting our patterns, colours, and styles.
Some of the leading shirt styles include:

  • Real and faux suede
  • Floral patterns
  • Checkered shirts
  • Denim shirts
We’ve also added some extra “flair” to several of our shirts, incorporating ruffles, contrast collars and cuffs, pearl shank buttons and more.
The Finishing Touches
Nothing perfects an outfit like the final thoughtful pieces you add to your outfit.
  • Fedora hats are back in fashion (though any Western-style hat that suits your tastes will reign supreme)
  • Trucker Style Caps - lets just say every colour of the rainbow….
  • Neckties are huge (choker necklaces are especially on-trend)
  • Leather saddlebag-style bags can compliment any outfit (and they’re super functional)
  • Boots are a must (although a comfy mock is always a good option)

Country style is all about having fun and showing a bit of your wild side. Mix and match different accessories with your shirts to create completely new stylish outfits to wear to your next riding event, out on the field, or for day-to-day wear!
Find your style with Grovers Country Clothing

Designed in Australia, by Australians, for Australians, Grovers Country Clothing has your styling needs covered. Be sure to stop by our website to check out our large selection of collared shirts, polos, vests, belts and more!


  • Jennifer White

    I am looking for a floral neckerchief to wear with my shirts. Do you make such a thing?

  • M Sullivan

    My daughter wears and loves your shirts. I admire them too. I am an elderly lady and find that many of us in this age group miss out ( not got the figure) . But a market opportunity for you. A need for womens polos with white collars 3/4 sleeves for chilly days but not heavily rugged up. I suggest stripes in practical Colours — navy/ white. Blue/white , soft baby pink/white . Varieties of fine or wider stripe – ( even a broad white shoulder section French style). Soft plain colours always popular too. There is a gap in this type of garment for not so hot or cold days. Also for older womens’ variable body temperatures. PS. We also like to get about in country for walks etc.

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