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Supporting The Australian Stock Horse Society National Youth Show & #Dollysdream

Each year the Australian Stock Horse Society (ASHS) hosts its annual National Youth Show where children (and horses) of all ages and experience levels can show off their skills and build their confidence in what can sometimes be a challenging environment.

Since the society was established in 1971, its members have worked diligently to preserve and promote the bloodlines of the globally recognised and celebrated Australian Stock Horse, a powerful animal that we know is famous for both its versatility and high performance - The Breed for Every Need. The Society is now Australia’s largest equine pleasure and recreational association, with nearly 10,000 members (including many of our Grovers Girls!) and over 180,000 registered horses.

This year the event took place at Bicentennial Park Camden on October 6th and 7th 2018. Grovers Country Clothing  was one of the sponsors of the event, and we were thrilled to see lots of our Grovers Girls there wearing our comfortable and beautiful long sleeved shirts that not only show respect for the sport but allow riders to let their personality shine.

Pictured - Teigan Myers and Georgia Gamble - winners of some Grovers Gear


A fantastic display of skill and comraderie amongst the youth was showcased during the opening ceremony with a musical flag ride. A very proud mother moment for me and many others parents watching, I'm sure.



Kate Everett of #Dollysdream opened the competition and gave an amazing speech which left a dry eye nowhere to be found. She encouraged the young competitors to be kind and supportive toward each other in what can be a tough and sometimes stressful environment.

An auction fundraiser for #Dollysdream was held later that evening when Kate Everett spoke to us all again, telling her family's story, what an amazing woman. Together the small group of ASH members, friends and family raised over $20,000 that night, such an amazing effort for a great cause. 

It was an absolute pleasure and honour to support the auction with a donation and purchase, then to meet and chat with Kate later in the evening and have her sign our families auction purchase was very special.  We have all seen and heard the stories through the media, but to speak with her in such an intimate environment touched so many of us on a much deeper level.  We hope to work with Kate and the team at #Dollysdream again in the future.

It seems the future of the Australian Stock Horse Society is in good hands with such talented riders competing at The Australian Stockhorse Society National Youth Show. They were a pleasure to watch, the standard of riding and horses was extremely impressive.

We would love to see photos of you competing, helping out, and spectating – so send them through to me personally with your story by email to or post them to our Facebook page


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