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Our Beautiful Shirts for Tough Riders

Traditional tales of cowboys featured tough men, in control and dominating every situation. But rarely did capable yet feminine horsewomen fit into these scenarios.

I wonder if, in the past, when people heard the word “feminine” they pictured beauty, vulnerability, and a female who is likely vying for male attention or approval – and not a woman who could be fierce, strong, competitive, and willing to do what it takes to win.

Welcome to 21st Century Femininity

Many female riders have had a difficult time breaking into, and remaining in, competitions because of these old stereotypes. The thing is, we may want to be regarded as tough competitors – but at the same time not have to compromise on our femininity.

Femininity takes many forms. We are rarely as physically strong as our male counterparts, so help with saddles and other heavy tasks should be appreciated – but neither expected nor shunned. And while we have the same needs in clothing when competing, we should never have to wear clothes designed for men. Besides, we know that it isn’t necessary to wear trashy or skimpy clothes if we want to set ourselves apart from the fellas.

Fortunately, we ladies are becoming more and more competitive in event riding, and are bringing femininity along with us. This is part of what inspired us to start Grovers Country Clothing; a company committed to providing female riders with stylish riding shirts designed in Australia, by Australians, for Australians.

Feminine riding shirts at a price we can afford

The problem that we experienced as a family was the cost of these shirts for women riders. Easily coming with a price tag of $100 or more, I was keen to come up with a more affordable and attractive option for female riders.

Diving headlong into a new business endeavour is a risk, but it is one that I was more than willing to take. Setting off with no experience and only a design in mind, Australian-born Grovers Country Clothing started with a batch of 600 shirts being sold out of my home and has now expanded to where thousands of shirts are being sold every year.

Clothing as unique and durable as our female riders

Grovers Country Clothing may have started with a single design. But if you browse our online catalogue today, you will find a selection of nearly 100 riding shirts featuring a variety of prints, colours, and cuts that allow you to let your personality shine whenever you ride.

Choosing the right riding shirt

Not sure which shirt is right for you? Here are some quick tips to keep in mind as you browse:

  • Cool skin tones look great in ocean-toned blues, deep purple, emerald and rose

  • Warm skin tones are well suited for coral, honey, olive green and cream shades

  • Tall women, women with larger hips or a larger bust may want to choose a larger patterned shirt with bright colours or horizontal-stripes

  • Shorter and petite women usually prefer smaller prints and patterns since larger patterns can be overwhelming

Don’t forget to stop by our online store to see what’s new and what’s on sale this month!

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