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Grovers Country Clothing are proudly supporting The NSW Yard Dog Association in conjunction with Auctions Plus and The Working Stock Dog Magazine who are hosting a charity auction, with all proceeds going to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners.  Who I am told continue to do an amazing job supporting farmers to feed their livestock in these horrific conditions of both fire and drought.  The auction will be held THIS WEEKEND 17th - 19th of January, you need to have an account with Auctions Plus to bid.

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Many Australians are doing it tough and its great to see so many people lending a hand and donating what they can to help out. No doubt the bushfires have been widespread and at a never seen before scale, but what if we were to compare to the massive amounts of Australia who are covered in dust and have nothing left on the ground to burn. I think a lot of those people would be feeling forgotten. These are the people we are all relying on to put food on our tables today and in the future.

Its devastating to see so many homes lost, but homes are insured and can be rebuilt. If they are not insured that is a gamble the homeowners decided to take.  I get that may sound harsh, but I know their loss from personal experience, we lost our home to fire in 2006. We were insured and had access to initial emergency funds within hours of lodging a claim.

Don’t get me wrong I am certainly not downplaying the devastation of the bushfires in any way. My family are long term members and supporters of the Rural Fire Service. We too had fires approaching and expected to impact our home, but were fortunate to receive a wind change that pushed the fires away from our property. Homes and businesses were lost that afternoon in neighbouring suburbs and my heart goes out to all involved, it could just as easily have been us.

All I’m saying is don’t forget about our farmers, the ones who have been struggling for months to keep their animals alive and feed their families. I’m hearing from many of these people they are now selling the last of their animals, the breeding stock they had been trying to hold onto. Holding on with the intent to rebuild once this dreaded drought finally breaks. With long term forecasts not looking good for rain any time soon, they are pulling the plug, it’s time for them to cut their losses, they just cant hold on any longer.  Many town water supplies across NSW and QLD have already run dry and I’m sure there will be more to come.

So think about sharing around any dollars you have to spare, yes support the fire appeals if you can but also think about visiting some of these towns, many were struggling from drought before the fires hit. Visit their town music festivals, local food markets or agricultural shows, stay the night and have a meal and a chat at the local, put some money back into these towns, a lot of the donated money is not being spent in the smaller towns.